Match Training – 12/05/15

Last week I did one of my favourite things in training which is play matches. I find this really challenging as I play against Chris, who uses a ramp. Playing against a player who uses a ramp is a lot more difficult to playing someone that throws. In some respects a ramp player has more control of where the ball goes. The reason why this is one of my favourite things to do in a training session is because I get to put all of the skills I have practiced in previous sessions into use and learn new ones at the same time.

Anyway, back to last week’s session. We played three ends and ok I lost all of them but my game improved each end. We both played a jack ball, and then Martin placed the jack on the cross in the centre of the court for the last end. We have to practice the centre jack for competitions. If we are in a competition and the score is a draw, the ref will place the jack in the centre of the court as a tie break end to find out the winner.

I threw the jack to the left of the court for one end, and Chris played a short jack to the right for the other. Unfortunately, in the first end, my first ball didn’t go quite according to plan. I didn’t have my chair in the right position, and the ball landed a couple of feet away from me – not a good first shot! When I had warmed up, my game increasingly got better. My aim got a lot more accurate, and the power of my shots calmed down. I still need to work on the power of my shots because it needs to be spot on every time I throw the ball.

Last week was a good training session.

Tips of the week:

  1. Practice placing the jack in different positions.
  2. Always throw the jack to your advantage.
  3. Practice forming a block.