Boccia Rules


In it’s simplest form Boccia is an attack and defend game, two sides (one using the red balls and one using blue) compete over a set number of ends to score as many points as possible. Points are scored by placing your ball/s closer to the jack than any of the other teams balls. For example, if the red team had 3 balls closer to the jack than any of the blue teams balls they would score 3 points.

The Main Rules

  1. All players must be seated during a game
  2. All games consist of a series of ends – Singles and pairs is 4 ends whereas teams games are played over 6 ends
  3. An end consists of 13 balls being propelled onto court, the jack ball, 6 red and 6 blue
  4. Decided using a coin toss, the winning player/captain chooses to be red or blue, both have their tactical advantages
  5. Both sides must stay in their designated box from where they propel the balls
  6. The red team is always the first to play, beginning the first end by propelling the jack
  7. In pairs or a team match each player takes it in turns to propel the jack onto court, in a singles match both players will do this twice
  8. Once the jack is propelled the player who has done so follows up with a shot at the jack with their first coloured ball
  9. It is then the turn of the opposite colour to see if they are able to get their ball closer to the jack than the last
  10. Following on from this it is the player/team which is furthest away from the jack that plays their shot, this continues until they get closer or run out of balls
  11. The end is complete when all balls form both sides have been played
  12. For every ball of the same colour that is closer to the jack than the other colour, a point is awarded to that team
  13. The points from each end are accumulated over the match to give a final score

These rules are from the Boccia England website. To find out more, click here to visit the Boccia England website.